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Our goal is to feed the interest(s) of the local knowledge hungry, that the mainstream televised media in the area does not do, chooses not to do, or completely ignores. If you really want to know Whats Going On In Binghamton, you can find it here.

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Video of the Week - The Color Run comes to Binghamton

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This Week's Cult Movie Thursdays at The Bundy Museum 

In this update of the 1930s comic strip, Flash Gordon is a football hero who is skyjacked aboard Dr. Hans Zarkov's rocketship along with beautiful Dale Arden. The threesome are drawn into the influence of the planet Mongo, ruled by Emperor Ming the Merciless. Ming has been testing the Earth with unnatural disasters, and deeming it a threat to his rule, he plans to destroy it. He… Read more

The Art Mission Theatre Schedule 

This Week:The adventures of Gustave H, a legendary concierge at a famous European hotel between the wars, and Zero Moustafa, the lobby boy who becomes his most trusted friend.  1 hour 40 minutes Friday 4/18 5:15, 7:15, 9:15Saturday 4/19 3:00, 5:15, 7:15, 9:15Sunday 4/20 3:00, 5:15, 7:15Monday 4/21 CLOSEDTuesday 4/22 7:15Wednesday 4/23 7:15Thursday 4/24 7:15The Unknown Known Former… Read more

Cult Movie Thursdays Double Feature this week! 

That's right, this week it's 2 for 1 at The Bundy Museum Rear Annex!The Day The Earth Stood StillAn alien (Klaatu) with his mighty robot (Gort) land their spacecraft on Cold War-era Earth just after the end of World War II. They bring an important message to the planet that Klaatu wishes to tell to representatives of all nations. However, communication turns out to be difficult, so, after… Read more

Civil War Family Day 

Civil War Family Day Between 1861 and 1865, 600,000 Americans died over political and economic disputes that drove this nation into its first civil war. After Abraham Lincoln took office, the states with slave and cotton-based economies seceded from the Union, and formed the Confederate States of America because of Lincoln’s opposition towards the expansion of slavery. With Jefferson Davis as its… Read more

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