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Our goal is to feed the interest(s) of the local knowledge hungry, that most of the mainstream televised/print media in the area does not do, chooses not to do, or completely ignores. If you really want to know Whats Going On In Binghamton, you can find it here.


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WGOB Exclusive: Tony Bennett at Anderson Center. Used with permission.

Surreal Tour of Binghamton by air.

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Big Weekend for Beer and Comedy Lovers, Zooneyfest returns, Kopernik 40th and more! 

  That's right, this weekend is all about Brews and Yucks in Binghamton.  Tonight, the first of three nights kicks off the 2nd Annual Binghamton Comedy and Arts Festival. Taking place in multiple locations, this features local comedians as well as Regional and Nationally performers as well.  Also in town tonight - Lisa Lampanelli is bringing her comedy to the Forum.

  Who knows?  You might just see her show up to check out the Comedy Fest after she's done with her set!

  Want to see some stars?  Kopernik is… Read more

Massive Weekend of Events! (Including First Friday) 

  Here we are Greater Binghamton - the weekend is here and once again it's going to be jam packed!  Tonight, the weekend kicks off with a lot of great live music (something the Triple Cities is becoming well known for again).  Independent films as well.  Empire Fest is happening - watch for the street closures.

  As if you didn't know, tonight is First Friday for September - so that means lots of Art going on all over town. For a complete listing for First Friday events (and everything else we have listed),… Read more

Amazing Race Casting Call 

Attention fans of The Amazing Race:
  There will be a Casting Call for the show hosted by the West Family YMCA in Johnson City on September 16th.  The call runs from 4 to 7pm.  Interested?  See the details below.

  Good Luck!

What's Goin' On Binghamton



So you've seen the show and now want to know how to become a part of THE AMAZING

RACE. Here is a breakdown of the selection process:

1. If you have previously applied for THE AMAZING RACE and you were a finalist in Los

Read more

Binghamton native shares his experience working with Robin Williams  

Hi everyone, Ken here.  As you may know, Damian and I have worked extensively in the TV and Film industry.  A good friend of ours (and Binghamton native) Jon Donahue sent us his personal story of working with the Late, Great Robin Williams.  Hope you all enjoy it.  Thank you Jon!

My Night With Robin Williams (a Personal Story from Beyond the Marquee’s own Jon Donahue) August 25th, 2014 Beyond the Marquee

Robin Williams with Jon Donahue on the set of 2007′s “License to Wed”

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A young man's recently deceased girlfriend mysteriously returns from the dead, but he slowly realizes she is not the way he remembered her.

1 hour 29 minutes

Friday 9/12 9:00 Saturday 9/13 7:45 Sunday 9/14 2:45 Monday 9/15 Closed Wednesday 9/17 7:15 Thursday 9/18 7:15

Also Showing: Calvary and Boyhood

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