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Our goal is to feed the interest(s) of the local knowledge hungry, that most of the mainstream televised/print media in the area does not do, chooses not to do, or completely ignores. If you really want to know Whats Going On In Binghamton, you can find it here.


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What's Going On In Binghamton Halloween Weekend 

Well - Halloween events all over the place.  Tonight Equinox Broadcasting is throwing a Halloween party.  Large amounts of Binghamton's musical past gather tomorrow night for a tribute at Cyber Cafe West - "Don Fest", a tribute to Don Truesdail.  On Saturday there is a Halloween 13k and relay.  WWE on Sunday at the Arena.  New Indie film starts today at Art Mission.  Last two days to see Haunted Halls of Horror.  Now get out there and have fun!

What's Going On Binghamton

Cult Movie Thursdays Double Feature this week: Bride of Frankenstein and Freaks 

It's a double dose of awesome Halloween flavored goodness as Cult Movie Thursdays presents: Bride of Frankenstein and Freaks.  If you have never seen these films before, you are in for a real "treat".  Same spot as always, in the Annex behind the Bundy Museum.

Here is some info for the unitiated:

Bride of Frankenstein (advertised as The Bride of Frankenstein) is a 1935 American horror film, the first sequel to Frankenstein (1931). Bride of Frankenstein was directed by James Whale and stars Boris Karloff as… Read more

What's going on in Binghamton this weekend 

Starting of the weekend and you guessed it, there's quite a bit of Halloween flavor being mixed in with heaping helpings of live music, indy films, plays, cd releases and much more.

  Tonight (THE Halloween party to be at if you are in Greater Binghamton), the 2nd annual Triple Cities Carousel Fantasmagorical Freakshow Ball takes place again at Spool Manufacturing.  Peaches and Crime has their CD release party.  There's Boo at the ZooHaunted Rail TrailHaunted Halls of Horror.  Indy Films at the Art… Read more

Cult Movie Thursdays: Demons 

Hey movie fans, this weeks edition of Cult Movie Thursdays brings you the classic Italian horror classic: Demons. Yes, we said classic twice. This classic (seeing a pattern here?) film is a must see and has one of the greatest soundtracks in the history of cinema.  Where else can you find Motley Crue, Billy Idol, Accept, Saxon and Pretty Maids in the same film?  That's right, you probably can't.

  If you go (and why wouldn't you?):  Thursday 8pm The Bundy Museum (Rear Annex) $7.

 Some facts from Wikipedia:
Read more

Halloween in Binghamton NY 2014 

We don't pretend to know about every single Halloween event in Binghamton this year, but we do know about a lot of them.  Check out our Events page to see what's coming up in the Greater Binghamton area.

 Don't forget to visit our The Horror Of It All page to see great videos about Haunted Binghamton and the Southern Tier as well...

What's Goin' On Binghamtnon

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Listen Up Philip

Anger rages in Philip as he awaits the publication of his second novel. He feels pushed out of his adopted home city by the constant crowds and noise, a deteriorating relationship with his photographer girlfriend Ashley, and his own indifference to promoting the novel. When Philip’s idol Ike Zimmerman offers his isolated summer home as a refuge, he finally gets the peace and quiet to focus on his favorite subject: himself.

1 hour 49 minutes

Friday 10/31 5:00, 7:30

Saturday 11/1 3:00, 5:15, 7:15, 9:15

Sunday 11/2 3:00, 5:15, 7:15

Monday 11/3 Closed

Tuesday 11/4 7:15

Wednesday 11/5 7:15

Thursday 11/6 A Taste for Film!

Also showing: Land Ho

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