Digital Planetarium Shows

Roberson Museum, Binghamton, NY

Traditional Chinese Astronomy: China’s history of detailed celestial observations dates back more than three thousand years. Systematic record keeping that began in the following millennium qualifies Chinese Astronomy as one of the most advanced of the ancient world.

Solar Quest: Solar Quest is an eleven-minute video that focuses on the Sun–Earth environment: Specifically, how our atmosphere and magnetic field protect life on Earth from the Sun’s impact. This show highlights the role the Earth-orbiting Solar Dynamics Observatory plays in predicting severe space weather.

The Life & Death of the Sun: 20th-century advancements in the science of the very small – the structure and behavior of the atom – were essential to the development of astrophysics, the branch of science that studies the various life histories of the largest objects in the universe, stars. This same knowledge, of course, applies to the star that we are most familiar with, the Sun.

Mission To Mars: Mars has been explored more extensively than any planet other than Earth. From the 1964 flyby of Mariner 4 to the most recent orbiters and rovers, this show features highlights from the more than 50-unmanned missions that have visited the Red Planet.

Seasonal Sky Tour (Great for kids): This show features a guided tour of the current night sky and will also include a short, fulldome video presentation.

Advanced Sky Tour: Seen our Seasonal Sky Tour? The Advanced Sky Tour will delve deeper into various astronomy topics.

Rock on Demand: Listen to your favorite classic rock while watching visually stunning graphics, like a laser rock show!

To Infinity & Beyond: Explore the planets and their moons along with the most current scientific research and discoveries within our solar system.

Two Small Pieces of Glass (Family Friendly): Explore the history of telescopes and astronomy in a 20-minute fulldome presentation, followed by a night sky tour.

Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure (Family Friendly): Bring marine reptiles and other creatures of the prehistoric world to life through this National Geographic film.

Dinosaur: Passage to Pangaea (Great for kids): This animated adventure explains one of the greatest geological events in Earth’s history: The separation of the supercontinent Pangaea. When two children embark on a geology field trip back in time, they are thrown into a fantastic voyage where they witness incredible geological wonders and learn about the mysterious process that created present-day continents.

Earth, Moon & Sun (Great for kids): This show examines the Earth-Moon-Sun system with the help of Coyote, a character adapted from Native American oral traditions. Topics include why the Sun rises and sets; how Earth’s rotation and revolution relate to day and night; and the Moon’s orbit, phases, eclipses and surface features.

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Roberson’s Digital Planetarium is a 50-seat planetarium serving thousands of school children and general public every year.

Public programs are educational and entertaining and are presented every Friday evening, and during the day Saturday and Sunday.

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