Binghamton Babylon International Film Festival 10/6 - 10/8

Here are all the details we have regarding Listings and Showtimes, taking place at the Art Mission Theater:

Binghamton Babylon International Film Festival Screenings 

Saturday 10/7  4:00 
Golden Time / Atefeh Rahmani (23:18) — (narrative) 
In present day Iran, a couple with dubious political intentions abduct a child. 

Karma / Scott Danzig (10:32) — (narrative) 
Just before a talented marketing agent delivers the most important presentation of her career, her daughter calls, armed with a magical book, to talk about a cat she feels has been slighted. 

Must Love Coffee / Tyler Downey (3:50) — (narrative) 
Using coffee as a representation of the everyday, this film reflects the normalcy of love in all its forms. Whether or not you drink it, all must love coffee. 

Saturday 10/7  5:00 

How to Spice Up Your Marriage / Bassem Eldaker (6:56) — (narrative) 
A desperate man searches the internet for an idea that will hopefully save his boring marriage. 

Serenity / Heather Tom (7:04) — (narrative) 
After successful showings at Cannes, Hollywood Shorts, and LA Shorts, 5-time Emmy Winner Heather Tom brings her acclaimed meditation on substance abuse and redemption to the Binghamton Babylon. 

Gym Class Stories / Brian McCann (21:52) — (narrative) 
Binghamton University Alum, Brian McCann, debuts at the Binghamton Babylon with his second short, GYM CLASS STORIES, which follows the life and legacy of a popular high school athlete turned gym teacher.

Saturday     10/7         2:00 

Too Many Zooz / Ethan Scarduzio (5:05) — (music video) 
An original music video featuring the popular subway buskers, “Too Many Zooz”, directed by Binghamton University Alum Ethan Scarduzio. 

Night Diver: Japanese Dream Pools / Brian Callaghan (2:17) — (music video) 
In anticipation of his debut album, NIGHT DIVER, musician, filmmaker, and Binghamton native, Brian Callaghan, premieres his first music video at the Binghamton Babylon. 

Bigfoot’s Love Slave / Heather Tom (4:02) — (music video) 
A field researcher gets more than she bargained for when she encounters something wild in the woods. A raunchy music video parody from Santino DeAngelo and Michael Einfeld’s Vegas-aimed Burlesque comedy, “PORN AWARDS: The Musical”. 

Misere / Liam Walsh — (narrative) 
Haunted by his grim past, an old priest must confront the supernatural powers of his brother. 6-time Rod Serling Film Fest winner Liam Walsh premieres his first film at the Binghamton Babylon. Written by regional playwright and local favorite, Sean Walsh. 

Saturday     10/7         3:00 

Nocturnal / Alfonso Gueverra (15:11) — (documentary) 
This documentary is based on reflections made by photographer and professor, Joe Ziolkoski, on the eve of a retrospective solo exhibition in 2016. These are a collection of figurative vintage silver gelatin photographic prints dealing with loss and change during the beginning of the AIDS crisis in the LGBT Community of the 1980's & 1990's. 

Prysia’s Garden / Miso Suchy (10:46) — (documentary) 
A quiet rumination on exile, photography and transplanting roots, this short tells the story of two women: an aging refugee, and a photographer/daughter of refugees. 

Goodnight Mom / Sara Luu (7:50) — (narrative) 
A daughter explores her troubled relationship with her late mom through abstract memories.

Sunday        10/9     3:00 

Rod Serling Film Festival Screening

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