Binghamton based book to have reception at River Read Books June 12th

On Friday, June 12th - a Binghamton based Book, "Thirty-Three Cecils" (which has a large portion devoted to time at The Belmar circa 1992) will have a reception at River Read Books with author Everett De Morier, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. There will also be an after party at The Belmar at 9:30.

Everett De Morier is the writer and editor of the online magazine He is also the author of CRIB NOTES FOR THE FIRST YEAR OF MARRIAGE: A Survival Guide for Newlyweds, and CRIB NOTES FOR THE FIRST YEAR OF FATHERHOOD: A Survival Guide for New Fathers. De Morier has appeared on CNN, Fox News Network, The Extra Help Channel, PBS, and others. Excerpts from De Morier’s books have appeared in The New York Times and affiliates, The London Times and affiliates, and more than twenty-five Gannett newspapers. He has written articles for In-Fisherman, Florida Keys, Bride, Parenting, and other magazines. De Morier is an Amazon.UK bestseller and a Backlist Publisher’s Weekly bestseller.

He is also the author of the plays Dover: A Christmas Story, A Gift to Remember, The Loockerman Letter, The Mollywood Tree and Finding Sergio. Thirty-three Cecils is his first novel.

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